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Vaginal Bleeding in the First Trimester EM E-learning Module


This material is courtesy of the SEME program. SEME (Supplemental Emergency Medicine Experience) is a program funded through the DFCM, University of Toronto and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Senior Editor: Yasmine Mawji MD, Editor: Shirley Lee MD. Peer Reviewer: Maria Ivankovic MD.

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Posted: August 21, 2015    Format: Website
Vaginal Bleeding in the First Trimester EM E-learning Module


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Category(s): Clinical (by system), Clinical (by topic), Emergency and Acute Medicine, Obstetrics
Topic(s): First trimester, SEME, Vaginal bleeding


Vaginal bleeding is a common problem in the first trimester of pregnancy and many patients will present to the emergency department. Approximately half of those patients will continue with a normal pregnancy and the other half will have a miscarriage. This module will discuss a diagnostic approach to patients presenting with first trimester vaginal bleeding and review management options.