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Gynecological Disorders EM E-learning Module


This material is courtesy of the SEME program. SEME (Supplemental Emergency Medicine Experience) is a program funded through the DFCM, University of Toronto and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Senior Editor: Yasmine Mawji MD, Editor: Shirley Lee MD. Peer Reviewer: Maria Ivankovic MD.

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Posted: August 21, 2015    Format: Website
Gynecological Disorders EM E-learning Module


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Category(s): Clinical (by system), Clinical (by topic), Emergency and Acute Medicine, Gynaecology
Topic(s): Bartholin duct cyst/ abscess, Pelvic inflammatory disease, SEME, Vaginal bleeding


Women frequently present to the ED with various gynecological concerns that could be managed in the primary care setting. This is often due to pain, convenience or lack of a primary care physician. This module will review several gynecological conditions including vaginal bleeding, Bartholin’s cyst, and pelvic inflammatory disease.