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My Health. My Wishes: An Advance Care Planning primer and practical approaches for healthcare providers


This material is courtesy of the East Toronto HealthLink, developed with support from Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (TC LHIN) and The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

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Posted: January 3, 2017    Format: Website
My Health. My Wishes: An Advance Care Planning Primer and Practical Approaches for Healthcare Providers

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Category(s): Care of the Elderly, End of Life Care
Topic(s): Advance Care Planning, Care of the Elderly, End Of Life Care



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About the Modules

Advance care planning (ACP) is a process of discussing patient values and wishes with regards to their future health care needs. ACP has been highlighted as a key component of quality improvement strategies for end of life care by the OMA, Choosing Wisely Canada and Speak Up Canada. However despite this, barriers to implementation of widespread ACP exist, including lack of clinician knowledge on how to initiate these conversations. Evidence for an effective model of Advance Care Planning can be found in Gunderson Health System and Australia where the Respecting Choices® ACP model has been implemented.

This model has subsequently succeeded due to widespread systemic changes in those locations to support the practice, however healthcare provider education remains a key component.

These modules are intended to fulfil the first step of provider education for primary care. These modules have been adapted from the principles of Respecting Choices®, while ensuring legal accuracy within the Ontario legal framework. They also rely on the principles of values-based practice and encourage providers to examine their own values and avoid biases providing end-of-lie care counselling. Finally, they begin to address cultural humility and values-based practice as components of advanced communication skills required for ACP conversations. As Canada currently has a national ACP campaign, Speak Up, this material has been developed inline with their current approach to ACP. It has been reviewed by Speak Up and these modules are listed on their website as Ontario resources for healthcare providers.

These modules are intended to be a primer for interprofessional clinicians on ACP; they provide an overview of content and knowledge and they begin to address advanced communication skills. Within the limits of an online module, participants are asked to complete matching exercises and embedded quizzes. Videos that role model various components of ACP conversations complete the module. These modules are intended for interprofessional healthcare provider education and are not physician specific.