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Prenatal Checklist


Contributors to past editions of this checklist include Dr. Tiffany Florindo and Dr. Marci Greenwald

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Posted: January 11, 2016    Format: PDF
Prenatal Checklist

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Topic(s): Prenatal care


This pregnancy checklist helps ensure that patients receive comprehensive prenatal care.  It was created for residents and colleagues at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre to help them keep up to date with best practices and all routine updates in the care of pregnant women.  It has expanded to include the evidence behind each aspect of care.  The checklist covers pre-pregnancy counselling, exercise, diet, iron and calcium supplementation.  In addition, the checklist includes background information for genetic screening (FTS, MSS, IPS and NIPT), specifically addressing what is available, comparisons between the tests and the most up to date information.

The first page can be used in patient charts, with items checked off as they are completed.  The remaining pages are to be used as a guide, as they include endnotes for all of the items on the first page checklist.