Calling DFCM Faculty Members: Sign up to be a DFCM Open peer reviewer

Why become a DFCM Open peer reviewer?

  • Peer review is a scholarly activity and can contribute to academic promotion. 
  • Exposure to a wealth of new clinical research, QI and teaching resources with possible direct application to one’s own practice. 
  • Exposure to different types of creative professional activity within family medicine. 
  • Grow expertise in analytic and critical assessment skills. 
  • Inspiration to create your own novel works or improve upon those already published. 
  • Maximize your potential to form new collaborations with other clinicians and academics within DFCM and abroad.

Who can be a DFCM Open peer reviewer?

  • DFCM faculty members 
  • DFCM residents or fellows may participate if the lead reviewer is a DFCM faculty member

What would I be reviewing?
Submissions to DFCM Open can include the following items: articles, reviews, reports, manuals, summaries, one-pagers, clinical decision aids & calculators, evaluation tools, care pathways, order sets, clinical directives, patient education materials, teaching & research aids, posters, apps for mobile devices, guidelines, EMR resources (e-forms, patient education materials, clinical decision aids), lectures / seminars / workshops, etc. Items can be in a variety of formats, e.g., document, PDF, spreadsheet, video, audio or image. They could also be web links.

How long will I have to complete the review?
We ask reviewers to complete the review within a month. Find out more about timelines from the DFCM Open website.

How do I evaluate the material?
You will receive an evaluation form for DFCM Open submissions. You will use this form to peer review and will have to submit the completed form to DFCM Open administrators for processing.

What’s next?
To sign up as a DFCM Open Peer Reviewer, please email us at Tell us your name, your affiliated site, what you wish to review and if there are any topics or areas you do not wish to be asked to review.